Are you getting ready for your upcoming Dominican Republic vacation? Excited for sunny days, warm beaches, and stunning views around every corner? We don’t blame you! Escaping to the Caribbean is the perfect way to avoid the wintertime blues! Before you jet off to island paradise, there’s a few pieces of information you’ll want to have in your back pocket to ensure you have the best time possible. Below are a few pointers to keep in mind!

Don’t Forget To Exchange your Cash Once You Arrive

The official currency of the Dominican Republic is the Dominican Peso, which can only be purchased in country. The most convenient currency to covert is US dollars, which can be reconverted prior to leaving the country. While certain establishments will accept USD around the island, it’s important to have pesos readily available.

Don’t Drink The Tap Water

Despite having an excellent healthcare system and many modern amenities, their water supply and sanitation services are still lacking when it comes to drinking water quality. It is therefore inadvisable to drink tap water, and those with sensitive stomachs may want to use bottled water when brushing their teeth.

A More Laidback Culture

In addition to being extremely outgoing and friendly, Dominicans are infamous for their embodiment of the “life tranquilo”. Expect to find timekeeping a little more relaxed on the island.

Safety First!

While the Dominican Republic is a safe country to visit, it’s still advisable for tourists to stay alert and exercise caution while travelling.


Receiving travel insurance for both long and short term trips is simple, and thanks to the superior level of healthcare available you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be in good hands should something happen.

Prepare For An Adventure!

One of the best reasons to visit the Dominican Republic is the amount of adventure waiting around every corner. From hitting up our world class golf courses to tasting the delectable dining options, deep sea fishing, exploring historical buildings, and more, there’s never a shortage of something new to experience.

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