Jazz Festival

The Dominican Republic annual Jazz Festival is a multi-day, cross-country set of live concerts full of rhythm and the enchanting sounds of the world’s best Latin American musicians. Its world-class program spans multiple areas in the Dominican starting in Santo Domingo and Punta Cana before heading to finish the festival off on the world-renowned North Coast in Puerto Plata, Sosua, and Cabarete.

The festival itself is worth booking a trip for and you can access the musical itinerary and get advanced VIP tickets on the festival website. As one of the largest events in the Caribbean, it offers something unique for jazz aficionados and newly interested patrons alike! With an established history of over 20 years, the Dominican Republic jazz festival promises to attract internationally acclaimed artists alongside up-and-comers.

Dominican Republic Jazz Festival

While most concerts during the festival are offered for free, it is possible to support the long-term vision of the festival and its foundation by purchasing VIP tickets. Proceeds from those tickets go to supporting the non-profit education foundation FEDUJAZZ which is associated with the festival by offering free workshops and music clinics to over 200 children every year. Children get to learn and be motivated by the incredible musicians participating in the festival for a once-in-a-lifetime inspirational learning opportunity. It should be noted that according to research conducted by the United Nations, less than 10% of Dominican children entering the public school system have a chance of graduating high school because of a multitude of factors. Music is one of the engaging subjects that bring children to the classroom and keep them there for other core subjects as well. The idea behind creating FEDUJAZZ is to try and raise the will for education through quality musical instruction.

Dominican Republic Jazz Festival

You can do something great for local children and enjoy some of the best music around at the same time!  We recommend that, if you love jazz, you follow the whole festival route and know that it will go something like this:

Opening night in Santo Domingo usually takes place in a large plaza next to the famous Colonial Zone steps away from the art and history museum of Alcázar de Colón, incidentally also an amazing gothic palace originally built by the son of Christopher Columbus. The bustling plaza is full and alive with the sounds of lively Latin American music and other jazz genres. Headliners are sure to draw a vibrant crowd which tends to break into impromptu dancing at the drop of a hat.

The next night will have you venturing up to Santiago, the commercial center of the country that is famous for being home to one of the oldest cigar factories on the island. The concert is, of course, also open-air, taking advantage of the hot Dominican climate and overlooked by the Centro León, museum and cultural center with history and anthropological exhibits that are sure to delight.

Dominican Republic Jazz Festival

The Sosua and Cabarete Festivals:

The last nights of the Jazz Festival take place along the North Coast and bring you back to your home base at Casa Linda Residencial. You take in the hypnotic sounds in various locations throughout Puerto Plata, Sosua and Cabarete, including Independence Park and in open-air venues like the beach.

  • Friday, November 1, 2019 – Sosúa, Playa Alicia
  • Sunday, November 2, 2019 – Cabarete, Playa de Cabarete


Casa Linda is a long standing, proud Jazz Festival sponsor.

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