Apr 222014

Featured villa of the week: VILLA 641

Brand new villa just entered the rental program!!

This two-bedroom,2-1/2 bath has a uniquely-styled pool with a view of the wooded ravine. Use the BBQ for your outdoor dining enjoyment. Professionally-decorated, tranquil and private. TV in each bedroom!

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Apr 142014

This year Easter, also known as Holy Week, celebrated in many parts of the world, takes place from 14 to 20 April. Being a Christian country practicing Catholic-Christian religion, the DR joins many countries where the suffering of Jesus, his death and resurrection are commemorated.

During Holy Week in the Dominican Republic we generally find the following activities:

• The beaches, rivers and pools filled with people vacationing.

• The sweet beans! A typical food of the season; which ingredients consist mainly of milk, a little butter, cinnamon, sugar, sweet potato, raisins, cookies. This can be served hot or cold;

• Many families and friends spend this time together these seasons!


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Feb 222014

In 1838 Juan Pablo Duarte founded a secret society called La Trinitaria, which sought the complete independence of Santo Domingo without any foreign intervention.  Matías Ramón Mella and Francisco del Rosario Sánchez, despite not being among the founding members of La Trinitaria, were decisive in the fight for independence. Duarte, Mella, and Sánchez are considered the three Founding Fathers of the Dominican Republic.  On February 27, 1844, the Trinitarios(the members of La Trinitaria), declared the independence from Haiti. They were backed by Pedro Santana, a wealthy cattle rancher from El Seibo, who became general of the army of the nascent Republic. The Dominican Republic’s first Constitution was adopted on November 6, 1844, and was modeled after the United States Constitution.


Feb 142014

Tourist arrivals reach record numbers for fourth consecutive year

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Feb. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Award season is in full swing and the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism is pleased to announce that it has been recognized as the “Top Destination of the Year, Caribbean” by Expedia.com(r), the world’s largest online travel agency. The prestigious award was presented by Gay Miller, Senior Business Development Director for Expedia.com’s Business Solutions, and Demetrious Canton, Expedia.com’s Market Director for the Caribbean, at the recent Caribbean Hotel Association Marketplace in Jamaica.

To decide upon the Caribbean collection, Expedia.com considered each Caribbean country’s overall performance. Dominican Republic welcomed a record 4.6 million visitors in 2013 and received a 33 percent increase in demand, making it the top growing market in the Caribbean. Since last year Dominican Republic has been one of the top visited destinations in the Caribbean for the U.S. market as 1.5 million Americans traveled to the country in the past year, equaling 34 percent of the total tourist arrivals.

Magaly Toribio, Marketing Advisor for the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism, said, “We are extremely delighted with the ever-increasing growth of visitors who seek our breathtaking scenery and captivating culture. The efforts of the Ministry of Tourism exemplify our commitment to a strategic marketing plan and execution to further boost tourism arrivals.”

In response to the substantial growth, the Ministry of Tourism, Dominican Government and the tourism sector have collaborated to capitalize on the country’s tourism offerings. In 2013 the country witnessed an increase in room capacity, the addition of direct flights from major U.S. cities, strengthened safety and security measures, development of well-known hotel brands, production of new attractions, modernized highways, cruise port developments and more.

Punta Cana on the East Coast is once again the most popular destination for tourists in the country, as its international airport received 55 percent of arrivals. Las Americas International Airport in the capital city of Santo Domingo followed, receiving 24 percent. Travel demand for the Caribbean continues to grow in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom and Brazil, and 2014 is anticipated to increase even more.

Feb 102014

The Dominican Carnival is one of the most colorful traditions and more cheerful festivities in the Dominican Republic.

Where all of the Dominican people come together in the city streets to dance, share and delight in a celebration of joy.

The apex of the experience takes place during the final days of February, although it is celebrated on every weekend of February and, in some case, until the beginning of March. There are other dates on which certain towns celebrate other carnivals, but none match the intensity, enthusiasm and creativity that have become the cornerstones of the February Carnival that is loved by the entire nation.

One of the main Carnival traditions involves the attires and costumes worn by those who celebrate it; a varied hybrid from region to region that mixes elements of African tradition and European styled fabrics. The most popular costume, known as the diablo cojuelo, consists of a brightly colored layered suit covered with small mirrors and bells and worn with a devil mask, usually with many horns and teeth. The Dominican Carnival has had a great tradition since its beginnings during colonial times, when the citizens of Santo Domingo would dress up on the eve of Christian Lent in order to celebrate their religious beliefs.

Although costumes and music were around since the 16th century, the Carnival became even more popular after the patriotic victory of February 27, 1844 the day when the Dominican Republic gained its independence.


Jan 182014

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Thursday 16 January, Central Bank governor Hector Valdez Albizu announced that the Dominican economy had grown by 4.1% in 2013. Valdez Albizu said that all the actual figures are better than the International Monetary Fund estimates for the Dominican Republic. He said that inflation was 3.88%, which was well below the 5% estimated by the IMF. Valdez said that private credit was up 3.2 times. He said growth in the last quarter of the year was 7.2%. He forecast growth of 5-5.5% for 2014. He said that sectors influencing the growth of the Gross Domestic Product were farming that grew 7.8, from October to December, mining 114.1%, and construction 19.7%. Manufacturing and industrial free zones were up 3.4%, financial institutions 10.6%, and hotels, bars and restaurants 8.5%.

At year-end the tourism sector (hotels, bars and restaurants) closed with a 6.3% increase, farming with 4.4%, free zones 2.5% and construction 7.3%.

The CB Governor said that expectations are that the exchange rate would remain stable in 2014 and that banking credit increased by RD$84 billion compared to last year.

Jan 112014

The UK company that was the London 2012 Games official engineering and design provider has been entrusted with the complete landside design, including architecture and engineering for the new Carnival Cruise two-berth Amber Cove Cruise Center in Maimon, west of Puerto Plata city. The US$65 million cruise port will have capacity for 10,000 people daily. The port is scheduled to be ready for the 2015 winter season. 

Upon making the announcement, Atkins senior program manager Larry Levis said that the center would have 25 buildings with retail outlets and themed marketplaces along with dining and recreational amenities. He said that the project would feature design themes showcasing the fortified 16th century, the classical-colonial 18th century, and the Victorian late 19th century architectural styles emblematic of the city.

A transportation hub will enable visitors to explore the many interesting sites in the historic region.


Nov 182011

Villa Tranquila

1,838 ft2 (171 m2)
2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths

Floor Plan – 2 Bedroom 

2,185 ft2 (203 m2)
3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths

Floor Plan – 3 Bedroom

Villa Tranquila is a unique, semi-detached home built on a 400 sq. metre lot. Priced for the first time buyer/investor, Villa Tranquila offers great square footage for a modest price, but with all the excellent building standards offered at Casa Linda.



Oct 052011

This aerial shot is of phases 4 through 6 and was taken yesterday at about 1:30PM. Many people love to track the progress in Casa Linda and this maybe another perspective to do just that!